8 responses to “BURNING

  1. Robin

    Holy cow. Captivating photos and post. And hey, congratulations. I knew you’d be a global sensation! Good news.

    My eyes bugged out at that jar and bowl of whole garlic cloves. And then it hit me. You might have been experiencing the double whammy of garlic PLUS chili. That would be seriously incendiary for the uninitiated.

    • No really, it was INSANE: raw cloves in chilli for starters, and then levels of garlic I had never experienced before – a total newbie (in England in my life I had never eaten anything like it and had not been long in Japan either, which doesn’t use garlic in its traditional food (like the Anglo Saxons). I felt like I was asphyxiating on it and it is my strongest memory of the entire trip by far.







      to the DEATH!

  2. Anne M.

    I gave your book to my daughter for Christmas – along with a promise to buy her signature scent once you’ve helped her figure out what it is. We used to love visiting Seoul from Tokyo in winter – serious cold. Always remember entering a lift in a shopping mall on our first visit and being knocked back by the scent of garlic! Seemed to rise off the skin of the Koreans in the lift.

    • The COLD ; I always think that Tokyo is cold in winter but we are kidding ourselves. My friend in China wants us to go and stay in January but I won’t even contemplate it.

    • And the garlic is inescapable there : I am presuming it is the highest per capita consumer.

      How long did you live in Japan?

      And I hope your daughter likes the book. It should at least steer her in the right direction..

    • Just checked : China is the largest consumer of garlic ( around 14kg per person a year ), followed by Korea (6.4 kg). It makes me think the Chinese food I have been eating here is not authentic.

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