More Seasons Greetings from Japan













Christmas Eve party with our neighbours at their house ( two doors down ).


Scent of the Eve :


Guerlain Heritage.



I am in LOVE with this at the moment.





Hope you are having fun also whatever you are doing,
















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12 responses to “More Seasons Greetings from Japan

  1. emmawoolf

    This makes my heart ache. (Christmas party scent for me: Eau du Soir). Merry Christmas! x

      • Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

        Merry Christmas all of you.
        Almost smelled the atmosphere: it looked great!!
        Heritage took me right back to my
        youth: Swedish christmas is a feast to have celebrated!! Smelt the Gloeg ( hot wine with oranges and cloves, lots of brandy, to be lighted
        until blue flames danced over the surface …
        So for me: mandarin with clove and beeswax.
        Perfume: Eau de Mandarine Ambree (one of your posts!!)
        I don’t know Heritage. How does it smell?

      • A bit like heritage, like a French man of a certain taste with ‘good taste’ – A Guerlain you can’t go wrong with. Habit Rouge always just makes me smell like a powdered old dear in trouble (sweet and sickly) even though I like it theoretically, whereas Heritage is warm and peppered and unadventurous but like the Kiss song, I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU.

  2. Merry Christmas! You smell fantastic!

    • I DO in Heritage, I shall confess. Are you a fan? I used to think it was a bit boring and typical for some reason but right now the fresh lavender/black pepper bite over tonka/amber/patchouli segueing to skin vanilla is DIVINE on me. D loves it too.

  3. Tara C

    Happy Christmas, looks like it was a fun evening!

    • It was! Especially as it was impromptu – they suddenly just asked if we would like to come over two days ago. We had been planning to stay in and just Netflix or something but it seemed like a nice idea.

  4. Robin

    Awwww. Nice, you guys. Much more memorable than you, Duncan and ‘flix. What a sweet family. Wishing you continued happy holidays.
    It was a good one for us, too. The usual green Christmas. Not sure if this will work, but here’s tryin’ . . .
    Ric the Elf 2019 Christmas.jpg

    • Robin

      Didn’t work. Ah well. I was going to add that Ric loves Heritage and it loves him. I first discovered it at a flea market: a well-preserved vintage bottle I went crazy for. The current edt and edp are very good. You smelled divine at the neighbours and I hope they enjoyed the added festive atmosphere.

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