I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated as one of the finalists for the Perfumed Plume Book Of The Year 2020 award  – for “Perfume: In Search Of Your Signature Scent”, the guide to scent that I published last year with Hardie Grant. My co-nominees in the category include “The Perfume Roads” by Creezy Courtoy, an intriguing treatise on the historical and cultural origins of perfumery; “Nose Dive” by artist Catherine Haley Epstein – an in-depth and highly original journey into the sense of smell itself and  (I can hardly believe I am writing this), “Perfume Legends II: French Feminine Fragrances” by Michael Edwards. ‘Legendary’ doesn’t even begin to cover it! I am honoured, and very pleased to say the least, to be in such company, even if it looks unlikely that I will be able to make it to New York for the awards ceremony, assuming there even is one given the current circumstances. Still, I can’t deny that I am slightly puffing up my plumage this afternoon, here in Japan.




Here is the full list of nominees for each category :








Tra la la !!





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  1. Georgia Kossifou

    Bloody Brilliant!! Bravo👏🧡👏🌟

  2. Congrats, Neil. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your book yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about it.

  3. Filomena

    Congratulations on the nomination!

  4. Tora

    How wonderful, Neil!! And yours is the only book on the list I have read. I am glad you sent the link so I can read all the articles and stories and books!! Fingers crossed!!

  5. Tara C

    Congratulations! I have not read the other books but to be put up there with Michael Edwards is some very esteemed company. You should feel justifiably chuffed.

    • Being in the same list as him is honestly enough. Like many people, I remember when I first got my hands on words written about perfume and realized that there was nothing more exciting for me to read. Obviously, there was Luca Turin, and then Michael Edwards. My book is now sold next to Turin’s in the Lush Libraries around the world – unbelievable – and now I am featured next to the Expert to end all Experts (I never pretend to be one of those – I just like smelling things and writing about them). In any case, it is very exciting. Though it felt like whiplash putting up this after the previous post as though I were unable to ‘read the air’.

  6. matty1649

    Congrats, Neil. Your book is wonderful. Hope you win XX

  7. Congratulations!!!
    How timely. My copy of your book just arrived yesterday afternoon and I have started savoring the first few pages. The gold makes me want to turn them very gingerly. Love the whole look and the fonts too!

    • Thanks very much. I mean, The Black Narcissus is more the unfiltered me, obviously, and I would love to be able to regularly revise, update, and expand it (by about ten times at least), but I do think that the combination of words and the look and feel (and the black and gold) comes together as something almost alchemic. When it came in the post we literally sat and stared at it, holding it for hours. It was a very interesting experience working together with a publisher on it, and group thinking the whole thing into being.

  8. OnWingsofSaffron

    Congratulations! I will „press my thumbs“ as we say in German. Love your book, and it‘s become a standard present for all who understand written English. Really, „Perfume: In Search Of Your Signature Scent” ought to be translated into French & German!

    • Your recommendation/ gift giving is such a lovely thing: a marvellous validation.

      As for translations………TELL me about it. So far, there is only a Chinese edition on the cards, but that may well have changed given the current situation, obviously. I would LOVE to read it in other languages!

  9. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    You deservedly should be peacocking about!
    In Dutch the expression is the same: proud as a peacock!
    Finally excellent news!

  10. Ann

    That is such good news…congratulations!!! Hope you win….and your writing is better than Turin’s.
    PS I love that illustration.

  11. Robin

    I’m not surprised.


  12. Darling, you must be so chuffed, and rightfully so. I already said congrats on D’s Facebook post and now I will again. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I truly hope you will win this!!
    I know you are in the same category as Michael Edwards, but he has enough awards and accolades, now is your time.

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