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8 responses to “MUGUET 2

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Voyage into the centre of a flower
    can mean the earth
    One flower or the universe: they both stem from the same root!
    Just now my only main task is keeping the parasol from tumbling over the balcony !
    Blessed indeed I am with only the wind to worry about!

  2. Gorgeous!! Such delicate flowers, with such delicious prominent fragrance.

  3. Beautiful! You know how I love muguet … I have a few in bloom right now.

  4. Grayspoole/Maria

    The muguet are up but not yet blooming in my garden. This is usually a very busy time of the year for me at work, and I sometimes miss catching the muguet as they just open, when their fragrance is strongest. This spring, I am here watching and waiting for them, so there will be a silver muguet-scented lining to my WFH.

    Matvey Yodov’s cheerful post about restrictions on LOTV ingredients ( ) convinced me that we will never get a replacement for vintage Diorissimo. I do wear the 2014 extrait with enjoyment though.

    • Thanks for the link. All the more reason to treasure the vintage, then – just for the moments when it is needed. Great that such a recent harvest is still decent though.

      Enjoy the muguet when they open!

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