July 23, 2020 · 10:50 pm

12 responses to “obedience

  1. Definitely not that way in the states.

    • We need it.

      It is getting worse again here in Tokyo and I find travelling on the train terrifying. I am pleased people are wearing masks.

      At the same time it is so depressing to witness : totally necessary but an atmosphere of disturbing docility that is also depressing.


  2. Robin

    This is a good thing.

    How is the bar scene there, Neil, and the house party scene? Any reports of crazy behaviour? That’s where we’re getting some of our new outbreaks. The numbers are creeping up again, and so is my frustration.

    • I think there are no parties right now : the most serious hotspots are the ‘host’ and ‘hostess’ clubs in Tokyo, the not quite prostitution escort bar places with lots of face to face contact.

      The thing is, all of that is centred in Shinjuku, and the train I had to take to work yesterday goes to and from there. The transport companies have been getting more lax about windows on trains so I have been opening them even when it startles passengers. It is terrifying ! And don’t even get me started on some of the schools I work in. Infections will spread like wildfire in them if they start.

      I feel in a very precarious position and am nearing burn out.

    • Let’s hope the positive news we have been hearing about a potential vaccine comes to fruition soon. And that messages to young people to stop being so selfish get through.

  3. I agree with Robin. All our sacrificing of the past four months will be futile if we have to start all over again.

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