back in business


This plumeria was just an ugly brown stick on the stairs for about two years. Ungainly, almost dead. It very nearly got thrown out. We moved the plant to the balcony recently with the warmer temperatures and then I saw a green surging at the tip; something happening ; a knot of unfurled leaves, trapped and furiously waiting to get out. First, there were leaves; then there were buds …


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15 responses to “back in business

  1. the metaphor is perhaps rather obvious, but this does all give me a glimpse of hope. The flower smells really exquisite.

  2. The flower is beautiful and I can only imagine the wonderful smell. The metaphor is perfect.

  3. Mark Gardner

    *Silent amazement*

  4. Such a gorgeous bloom. Hopefully it brings good tidings of a wonderful future.

    • Or at least not a totally appalling one! What a year this is!

      • Truly, a year like no other.

      • In which we are still reeling and unable to fully take stock. To me 2020 is a cataclysm we have to survive first, properly analyze later. Are you still staying inside ?

        The infections are being uncovered here in greater numbers now that they are doing wider testing : there is virtually no social distancing in our schools : sometimes I just feel like a lamb, or perhaps an old ram, to the slaughter

      • I am still inside, although I did have knee surgery and took all precautions, even doing physical therapy remotely.
        I do hope you stay safe, and try to keep some distance. I’m sure all countries that opened will be having a second wave this autumn, or sooner.
        People were celebrating much too soon, in my opinion. We need a vaccine!

      • Oh god we so do.

        I hope you heal quickly and continue to stay safe x

    • Thanks. I thought I would share it : so please to see the flower open and smelling so lovely and seaspray fresh after very nearly giving up on it. I don’t know much about plumeria – do they have dormant phases and then spring to life again?

  5. OnWingsofSaffron

    When I was 6 or 7 years old my parents moved to Sri Lanka. Plumeria grew everwhere, they were in about every garden. Usually, they were the colour of your plant, but often a spectacularly scarlet variety. The were called Temple Trees there, and the scent of the flowers is so very evocative that it nearly always bring tears to my eyes when I get a chance to smell them. I know of no perfume which captures that particular scent. Songe might go into that territory but there is too much indole and glamour. For me the temple tree flowers is all in all a close, private and meditative smell as buttery as it may be.

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