Can’t wait for a reset.


November 10, 2020 · 10:29 pm


  1. It won’t be completely over until he, his family, advisors and his followers are forced to leave the White House. They will probably have to be taken out by force.

    • Will it really come to that?

      I am not even American but feel my spirit has been utterly ravaged.

      One of the most intense weeks of my entire life.

      How are you feeling ?

      • Joan Rosasco

        Exactly as you are. After the lightness and euphoria of Saturday, the tight knot of anxiety that I hadn’t realized had been with me for four years gripped me again. All this is straight out of the dictator’s handbook and I am afraid.

      • The Dictator’s Handbook. Yes. It is that: my first experience of it I think. It is a kind of INNER KNOWLEDGE, don’t you think? Something that goes beyond the political ‘facts’ written about in newspapers and so on.

      • Renée Stout

        Neil, you don’t have to be American, all you have to do is be truly human and a person who respects the humanity of others to feel that you had been utterly ravaged this past four years. That’s why the WORLD and not just people here in the U.S. were celebrating his loss. How am I feeling? Like 100 pounds that I didn’t even realize I was carrying had suddenly been lifted off of me. I had felt so heavy and mildly depressed these past four years. What’s still a little depressing is that with all of the heinous acts against humanity that this tyrant and his goons perpetrated, even more Americans voted for him than they did last time. It basically went from 1/3 of the country to 1/2 and the world should be alarmed by that. I know that this victory is just one battle in an ongoing war, but it’s one that makes me feel joyous and a cautiously hopeful again, but from here on out, the world should be very vigilant when it comes to its interactions with the United States knowing that 1/2 of this country proved that it would be willing to vote for a sociopath approaching the level of Hitler and other fascist tyrants in world history and I am not being hyperbolic.

      • I don’t think you are being hyperbolic either. I genuinely don’t. And people that do worry me. I have had some really bad interactions at work that make me feel very isolated.

      • So thanks for writing this.

  2. Tara C

    I won’t feel completely relaxed until Joe Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20th, but I feel much less anxious than I did. Today I was reading statements that Trump plans to stay in politics and may run again in 2024. God forbid. I don’t normally wish anyone harm but I really do want him to drop dead, he is so utterly corrupt and loathsome.

    • Renée Stout

      I’ve never wished that on anyone Tara, but in this case I make an exception for the world’s sake. It has been awful!

    • I wish him dead as well. A pox upon him and his family.

      • I can’t deny such thoughts have entered my head, even if I don’t think they are ultimately karmically healthy!

        It is good to have your feelings validated (at work I am seen as a psycho who is completely overreacting to everything). I know I am not: what Renee says here is right – it is the terror of the possibility of a fascist dictator taking over the world (literally).

        The extent of my stress surprises me, though – it’s like a semi nervous breakdown or something, when I should be feeling elated. Probably it is because he refuses to concede and is still deliberately stirring up strife as he always does – never actually thinking about the country he is supposed to care about, but deliberately causing aggro purely for selfish motives.

        I am just desperate to not have to think about him any more, even though I know that is totally wishful thinking.

      • Sadly, he will always be in our thoughts, just because he is so purely evil and brought out the worst in all his cult-like followers. We will only be able to rest easy once he is truly out of politics for good, one way or another.


  3. It has all been so hellish. I will feel far more relieved on Jan 20, when Joe Biden is sworn in. Then, we will move forward, but echoing what others have said, the knowledge that half of Americans voted for him is truly chilling and something the world will need to pay closer attention to.




  5. Robin Wright

    Trump’s presidency ends at noon on 1/20/2021. Though it has never come to this, if Trump (or any past or future sitting president) refused/refuses to leave our Secret Service would remove him or her from the premises.

    Any outgoing president who refuses to vacate the Presidential Office after 12 pm on January 20th is considered a trespasser, as that person is now a private citizen, according to the 20th Amendment of the American Constitution.

    Even though the thought of this is very worrying, I personally don’t think it will come to this. For all his blustering and his threats Trump seems to have too big an ego to go through such personal humiliation. I do worry about the actions of some of his more unhinged followers, though. I am afraid of violence breaking out in various parts of the country.

  6. Cody

    Im an American and trust me- we are just as traumatized as the rest of the world. It’s like some strange spell had been cast over our country that turned regular people in frothing, racist animals. On a daily basis I see caravans of gigantic pickup trucks emblazoned with Trump flags, confederate flags (a racist symbol from our civil war days) and “thin blue line” flags, which is a pro-police symbol that was their side’s response to black lives matter and police brutality. I’m so sick of this, I don’t even recognize the country I grew up in, not that it was perfect before. I will however, take a deep and twister pleasure in seeing his humiliation as he is led out of the White House by secret service police!

    • Robin Wright

      Cody, you really put my feelings into words, perfectly. I don’t recognize our country, either. It makes me so feel so ashamed of America right now, all this hatred and ugliness that has come spewing forth. Trump has really emboldened a lot of these groups that were lurking in the shadows to come forward. I am so embarrassed as to how other countries must regard now. I sometimes almost feel as if I have PSTD from all of this.

  7. OnWingsofSaffron

    I’d like to chime in and point out that we should stop focussing on the person Trump. What we are witnessing is an unravelling of democratic values on a vast and worldwide scale. People, this is worse than “just” the Orange Man in the White House. Trump in—person and in system—has facilitated this break-up in the USA. Yet to all of you who thought that would/could never have happened: just think back to the vitriol of the so-called Tea Party Group et al.
    And this dissolution runs through all countries. Boris Johnson won the UK election massively though he lied and blustered his way to Downing Street. The Polish Parliament is discussing a complete ban on LGBTIQ* communities which would go further than the ban in Russia. Hungary wants (among other things) to forbid trans* people to be able to officially register a sex change in their papers: not only by a law; no, by changing the Hungarian constitution! Russia, the states in the Caucasian area and the Turkmenic states, well what to say? There is no free press left in Turkey! China is on the point of completely repressing democracy in HK, and we will yet again spare a thought for Tibet. The Philippines … We could go on and on. And Japan too has had one or two rather dubious moment under Abe.
    As a German who is well aware of his country’s history, may I remind you that what we learned here (alas this lesson is on the point of being forgotten here too!) is to stop trivialising this worldwide phenomenon by merely focussing on one person who then is declared the devil incarnate, the supreme guilty, the apex of evil etc.
    No, no, no! It is us, our families, our neighbours and colleagues—it is the 50% of all people around us who openly or concealed say “yes!” to the dissolution of democracy, the insignificance of fairness and break-up of the rule of law. The British majority voted for Boris; 48% voted for Trump; a vast majority voted for Kaczyński and his ilk, for Erdoğan, for Orbán, for Putin etc. The lure of lies, easy answers in a difficult and complex world, the desire for a wise pater familias who decides for all of us and knows best … this is all around us. By naming one guilty persona one just presupposes all will be well when they’re gone. Yes, good riddance to them all; but no, the next one is waiting in line. So let us focus on democratic politics in large, try to convince our fellow people who think “the one saviour” (whoever he may be) is the answer to all their problems, — than merely focussing on the one unsavoury and deeply off-putting representative of those undemocratic policies.
    Please forgive me for taking up so much space, and please also forgive me if I sound strident and smart-alecky, or if I may have overstepped!

    • Tara C

      I completely agree with you, which is why I feel such despair, as if the forces of evil are closing in on us in the world. A win by Biden is only a small respite from the general direction things are going. I have three passports and no illusion that any of the countries I could choose to live in would be safe from this creeping disease.

    • Not at all.

      I agree with what you say.

      I still think Trump has something ‘extra’ though, that has pushed us all over the edge.

      I can’t bear to talk about him any more

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