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  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    You too dear Ginza and Duncan as well not to forget Mori! And the planet as well!
    All the best and a better 2021

  2. OnWingsofSaffron

    Dear Neil, why don’t you buy a Rapid Antigen Test. I‘d have thought it‘s readily available in Japan. (They’re available here in Germany.) My husband and I have a set which we will use before seeing two guest over X‘mas.
    If you can get it, it would/could give you peace of mind.

  3. Robin

    Filled with alarm at the thought of not hearing from you for any length of time. So hope you’re quickly on the mend and back to us, for your sake and ours.

    I must have been one of the first people in Vancouver to buy Angel. It was the day the display was being set up at Hudson’s Bay department store downtown, and the guys were already in love with it as the tester was grabbed and sprayed with abandon by the whole crew. It was decadent and otherworldly and something really and truly different to counterbalance all the yawnsville CK One lightweights of the eighties. That bottle was a one-hit wonder for me, but I did ask a woman what she was wearing many years later, after Angel had become a gourmand cliché, and was astonished that the rich, smoky, complex cloud around her was courtesy that very denounced concoction. She wore it well.

    I’m sure your parents’ Christmas will be unlike any other, and yours too, like everyone’s. A lot of room for gratitude, so in that sense it will be a good one. Stay safe.

  4. Hope the get-together was good, and sorry to hear you have this injury. Not sure if this will be suitable for it, but it reminded me of an exercise a friend did after straining her arms and wrists holding her newborn a certain way—she was instructed to put her palms flat against the wall in front of her and push gently against the wall to stretch out her arms, and said it worked really well to relieve the strain.
    In the meantime, happy holidays as much as possible!

  5. johnluna

    I wish I knew of good advice to pass on concerning your strain, but I do not other than to let it take its course and not try to beat the body through a battle of wills (this has always been a disaster for me when it comes to the vertebrae…Only lots of sleep, baths and relaxed bicycle rides seem to help.)

    To make a completely different suggestion, I wonder if a voice to text app might be useful during your hiatus? It sometimes seem to me that you are so prolific because writing about fragrance and experiencing fragrance have become the same process. I remember talking to myself in an art museum awhile ago and realizing I couldn’t really focus on visual art unless I was either talking about it or composing a piece if criticism in my mind. This has occasionally meant engaging strangers in museums when family is not around to put up with me (or even when they are), which can get a little weird but is mostly good. All to say that I know I’m going to think these thoughts whether I get them down or not, and always feel better if I do, even at the cost of a little inconvenience, because otherwise those thoughts, incomplete and piecemeal, tend to drift back insistently though the freshness of the experience is no longer there to enliven them.

    Anyway, a month of meaningful recordings (even if they are only Sapphic fragments) courtesy of voice to text might lend itself well to some kind of winter meditation here at the bottom of the well of the year, especially given everything you’ve said about the concerns (both close & remote) that we all share right now.

    Wishing you wellbeing among friends and a peaceful holiday!

  6. Oh my, I am sorry your arm is giving you such trouble. I would definitely try to give it a good rest over the holidays and try not to sleep on that side.
    I hope you and D had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying yourselves thoroughly.

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