80’s Coty Chypre

the 1980’s edition of Coty’s legendary Chypre

It is very nice to have the bath back. And to try new perfumes on clean skin. Having received a sumptuous set of spray vials from the lovely Tora I am working my way through them : the encouraging apricot peach shampoo honey of Sonoma Scent Studio’s Bee’s Bliss – an original take on miel; some Caron extrait of Muguet De Bonheur – so different in the parfum version, so much greener and more multifaceted, among others, and most intriguingly, some 1980’s re-edition Coty Chypre decanted from the above pictured bottle.

It is lovely. Involving. Difficult to de-chypre ( a pun on decipher ). Like golden light witnessed through yellow green leaves, despite the fact that my skin keeps snagging mid-section on a slightly uriny white musk (which might just be the age of the perfume, I don’t know), and that the whole is slightly more bouffant and blue jeans than I would have expected, there is still something here that makes me yearn again for that bottle I once saw in a antique shop in Shinjuku.



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17 responses to “80’s Coty Chypre

  1. Robin

    How could I forget that siren song of a vintage bottle?

  2. I had the 80’s re-edition that you have pictured, and it was quite lovely. I would absolutely adore having the one you saw, and wrote about, in the shop in Shinjuku. That vintage parfum must be absolutely divine.

  3. “De-chypre”! I’m glad you explained that one, as it would otherwise have gone over my head.

  4. Difficult to de-chypre… Will definitely have to steal that phrase, Neil. Hope all is well.

    • A shame I had to EXPLAIN the joke though.

      All is not well, thank you, but I hope it is with you.

      • I got it before the explanation. Sorry to hear. Comme ci, comme ca here. At least, Trump’s departure has brightened the world a bit. There goes Florida…

      • This is a true godsend.

        It’s just an extraordinary dice with disease every day in my workplace and I am overwhelmed. I hope it is better where you are.

      • Things are rough here in South Africa, Neil, as they always are. We’re in the second wave. Keep safe.

      • You too!

        Pretty much everywhere is rough it seems to me.

        I watched Escape From Pretoria last night – pretty good, and very easy on the eyes : men in briefs escaping from prison etc etc.

        I was wondering what you thought about the authenticity of the accents.

      • That’s the one with Daniel Radcliffe. I didn’t get as far as the briefs part, so perhaps I will revisit. Ha! Ha! The South African accents weren’t bad. I’ve heard a lot worse. Not the easiest accent to get right.

  5. Tora

    Great description, Neil! Bouffant and Blue jeans!

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