I see this underrated house has a big sale on right now. Any thoughts ?


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19 responses to “BLACK ROSE by ILLUMINUM (2011)

  1. Ooooo… I want their White Gardenia Petals BAD.

  2. Dubaiscents

    Wow! That is quite the sale. Are they going out of business? I have never been that impressed with any of these from trying them over in the UAE but, I would be more tempted at these prices. Doesn’t seem like they will ship to the US though 😦 I would love a good Tomato Leaf scent but, reviews don’t seem that promising.

  3. Robin

    Hard to go wrong with those prices. You make Black Rose seem desirable but I’d have to go another online route for foolproof shipment to Canada and pay $135 CAD. I love a dark rose with an edge but I’m wondering if this smells like the kind of quality I’d go for. I’ve got a lot of very good dark and/or woody/spicy roses already and Ric’s not crazy about any of them, so I don’t get a chance to wear them much. Unfortunately.

    • For all I know it has been reformulated since my original review, but I know I wouldn’t have written such a glowing review if there was harshness : it was gloriously hippy dippy and rounded

      • Robin

        Wow, sounds fantastic. Sometimes you’re so kind, generous and downright tactful when you review an indie fragrance that I’m not always certain that I needn’t try and read between the lines. I might just break down and blind buy it. Gloriously hippy dippy and rounded: perfection, particularly if rose is involved. Thanks, m’dear!

      • But this was an old review…I worry it might not be the same now!

      • Robin

        Ordered. I’m excited, N.

      • Robin

        That’s okay, Neil. No guarantees that it will be the same (there never are), but I’ll take my chances. It was 12,000 yen with shipping. Still half the price of getting it from LuckyScent. And they’re sold out.

        The risk-to-reward ratio was attractive. I had a few extra dollars kicking around. But do wish me luck anyway.

  4. Robin

    P.S. I’ve been reading that it’s very close to the cheap Ab Spirit Millionaire Black Rose that I bought blind because of great reviews. I should have known better. Tossed it immediately. I think the saffron synthetic accord can really problematic for me, becoming harsh and medicinal and overshadowing everything. Anyway, I loved your original review and hope you grab some bargains from Illuminum.

  5. Robin

    By the way, The Raj sounds like perfection as well. We had a few places similar. You describe it vividly, and I love that era. The vinyl on the turntable, click click ing away . . . I think it must be a sign of having a fair number of decades under our — my? — belt to begin to feel nostalgic about more and more things.

  6. Iuno Feronia

    I am not sure if I should thank you for this info or not – I bought really lot of scents I always had on my wishlist. I am not sure how the import from UK to the EU will work, this is new to me and I am not sure, how much taxes and duties will be added ;-(( But the perfumes will compensate for everything.

  7. Your review made the rose scent sound desirable, but I hate to blind buy anything at this point. Especially when for the same amount of money I could buy 2-3 vintage fragrances I know I love and that will round out my collection.

    • I feel the same. Unless it is a proper bargain in which case a rich Indian rose can be quite appealing. As I have written here, I don’t know if the version on sale is the one in this old review but I did like it at the time!

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