what perfume did my neighbour, colleague and close confidante, choose from the collection when he came round for Golden Week drinks on the balcony

Vintage L’Heure Bleue.


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14 responses to “what perfume did my neighbour, colleague and close confidante, choose from the collection when he came round for Golden Week drinks on the balcony

  1. I would never waste a vintage extrait on paper to begin with?

    Why aren’t you just wearing these beauties instead ?

  2. How could one NOT choose it? It is one of the most exquisite fragrances I can think of, and goodness knows I can think of many. He has great taste.

  3. Robin

    Excellent, marvellously unorthodox choice.

    I wish I still had it in vintage parfum.

  4. I love L’Heure Bleue…It is my favorite Guerlain perfume,

  5. hygiefollower@yahoo.fr

    Vintage L’heure bleue might be the only perfume I can’t indulge in. I think that I sold my spare bottle of “parfum de toilette” to my mother, by mistake. Since my last move, I can’t put my hand on it.

    I hunt the bottles for her, it’s her favorite. When she sees that I’m near broke, buying second-hand bottles, she also buys some from me.

    It’s a bit crazy to be out of L’heure bleue PDT, because my consumption of perfume is close to that of a humming bird. (so many choice). So I’ve still got hope, finding back that crazy bomb of jasmine, anisic mimosa, and honeyed iris.

    But, as others said, the role of the passerby to someone wearing it is great too! I’m happy in my role, it’s like having the best front seat. (And I usually don’t like to commit for a perfume for 24H, even more days). She’s also sparing her bottles, wearing more often “Boucheron” Boucheron, “Songes” EDP from Goutal, and lately the “Iris nobile” by Acqua di parma that I snatched lately, along with Profumo.

    The supply of old L’heure bleue has gone very thin since 6 years on the web. While Shalimar and Mitsouko are still to be found. Still I found one bottle last December on Vinted. The last solution will be the real auction houses, but they’re very dodgy, when it come to what’s really into the bottle they propose.

    A link, completely out of topic : japanese obi, made with sheets of golds, silver, mother-of-pearl, and even lapis-lazuli…
    (It’s the V&A, it’s Japanese, you’re Brittish…)

    • I love this. A gorgeous story. This L’Heure Bleue obsession. Where are you based?

      • JulienFromDijon

        T’was me. I botched my name, and put the wrong email.

        I’m French. I used to live in Burgundy. (Dijon : mustard, wine and blackcurrant liqueur).

        After a while in Normandy’s countryside, I’m now back downtown in a small city. It has a train station midway from Paris to Saint Michael’s Mount. I’m hoping to try it soon, when everything will reopen.

      • That will be beautiful.

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