July 14, 2021 · 10:12 pm


  1. Sounds like Mr Jodowrosky is describing how democracy is faring in South Asia.
    The Nepal Supreme Court finally issued a historic mandate ending Prime Minister KP Oli’s stint after he AGAIN unconstitutionally ordered President Bhandari to dissolve Parliament in May. The Nepal Supreme Court also directed President Bhandari to appoint Oli’s rival Sher Bahadur Deuba as the new Prime Minister. Deuba took oath on Tuesday. BURN.
    Can you believe this crap? What kind of narcissistic asshole does stuff like this in the middle of a public health crisis? Who would be so selfish as to endanger his own people & entire nation for personal gain? Oh yes, my former Pres. Trump would. Meanwhile, every town and village has been left to fend for themselves during the Pandemic in Nepal. Still in perpetual lockdown with no foreseeable public health plan here. How did the world get so many incompetent people doing the most important things?

    • Yes. I saw this for the first time last night, and I have never had such an epiphany based on one sentence. What amazed me is how it can apply to so many things, not just culture, but in the end, just having the ability to think. THINK. And not be afraid to think and question. When I am surrounded by people, in any environment, any country, who seem to passively accept things they are told to do, I feel utterly alienated. Thankfully, I have a great deal of friends and people I know who are like me, a diverse bunch of people all with their own ways of thinking, but on a day to day basis, the windows – yes I know I am driving people bananas about them, but they are truly emblematic of everything – windows that COULD be opened, and which anyone with logic and common sense and a feeling of self preservation as well as wanting to protect the community as a whole, would ACTUALLY open……to just sit there acceptingly when in doing so you are endangering yourself, is a perfect image. The act of opening – even if it looks socially awkward, and is ‘not the done thing’, is also like believing that ‘flying is an illness’.

      • When it comes to human behavior & choices – culture trumps education, religion, common sense, survival instinct, reason, sanity, logic, and just about everything else.
        Probably the most important thing living in South Asia has taught me. Truly scary how crippling culture can be.

      • America, the UK – absolutely no different.

        Trump : my GOD….

      • A collective brainwashing from birth it would seem like. Too many societies like this in the world. I have been questioning everything since birth and have never accepted anything, “just because”.
        I never passively accepted anything, it just wasn’t in my makeup.
        I would be there with you opening every damned window I could find. Same way I still tell people to move away from me, now that cases are on the rise again, the couple of times I ventured out. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t get it, it would just be milder. For me being immunocompromised it would still be terrible, so people need to just stay the hell away.

      • I love your vehemence in this regard !

  2. Robin

    Twelve syllables say it all.

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