KADINE by GUERLAIN (1911 / 2021)

Anyway. Imagine how nice it must be to have Thierry Wasser’s job: keys to the vaults to revive old recipes ( aside the commercial pressures to come up with jolie fille hits like Ma Petite Robe Noire and Mon Guerlain). A sunny July afternoon spent in a chilly dungeon – I imagine lit tallow candles, yellowing manuscripts : Aime and Jacques’ secret perfume anatomy; meetings a trois with fellow Guerlaineurs and Guerlaineuses on which of the long disappeared perfumes to bring back for the eternally novelty-craving manic parfum collectors.

Will a reconstruction be a lithe Frankenstein, slightly ‘off’ as I imagine reconstitutions of ye olde formulae to be? How could we mere mortals ever know what the original was actually like?

Whatever the new Kadine is like – soft; spicy;

– courtesy of Parfumo: too tired and lazy to type it all out myself –

-I can’t deny it would be lovely to saunter down the Champs Elysees and pick up a telephone reserved bottle just for the hell of it: had I 690 euros available to shell out at my caprice. It does sound nice. Anything of the L’Heure Bleue genus is fine with me.


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12 responses to “KADINE by GUERLAIN (1911 / 2021)

  1. Robin

    I mean, it sounds not only gorgeous and right up certain peoples’ alley, but also the kind of thing that might be judiciously whipped up with currently available ingredients without much in the way of compromise. So: WOW!

    Ouch on the price, though. Must be nice to see the number 690 and not wince. If that were me, I’d saunter along with you, N.

  2. Tara C

    Wow! If I lived in France I would buy this. No access here in the back woods of Canada but it sounds quite lovely. What treasures must exist in the vaults of Guerlain.

    • I know: seriously. It’s a total erotic dream for the genuine perfume enthusiast.

      Brielle once sent me a sample of the reissued Djedi, which I loved and cherished.

      But who knows how close it actually was to the original ?

  3. The composition sounds divine. I do wonder what “aromatic” notes will be included though.
    Can we drop by Pierre Herme as we saunter down Champs Elysees? I would like to try his famed Ipsahan macarons. The combination of rose, raspberry, lychee, white chocolate, and meringue sounds amazing!

  4. Marianne

    I would go power mad with the Guerlain vaults. Cackling like a Batman villain. And I’ve always thought, in light of this, that Thierry Wasser has actually done a very restrained, dignified job of things. Catering to modern tastes and churning out flankers at the rate he’s obliged to, with some absolute beauts, no complete duds and certainly nothing offensive.

    Kadine has just *got* to be wonderful, hasn’t it? I am going to get hold of a sample of it, from someone, somehow, whatever laws I have to break in the process.

    • A great summation. I agree he has done a good job – even if I am not generally scintillated by anything recently. I would also be almost panicking with pleasure in the Guerlain vaults.

  5. I would absolutely adore owning this, but the price is a bit off-puttting. It does sound divine though doesn’t it? I may have to think on this one; I do have my ways of getting my hands on these treasures.

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