friday and thank you good night


July 16, 2021 · 11:39 pm

15 responses to “friday and thank you good night

  1. Hanamini

    Otsukaresama deshita

  2. I wonder what happened to them?

    • This kind of scene is very commonplace. If I had thought for an instant that he was in trouble and needed help, I would have done something. But when people have had too much to drink here and are tired, they sometimes just sit or lie down wherever they are and sleep. It’s so safe that you never have to worry about anyone stealing your wallet or anything like that. I saw his shape and found it irresistible to take – even though Duncan hurried along as he was a bit embarrassed.

  3. Robin

    Amazing shot.

    • Thanks Robin.

      After this I just crashed for the weekend. The insanity robbed me of the ability to think straight, so we just sat on the balcony drinking and listening to music in the sun for two days. It was my last week of having to commute long distances without having had the second vaccination – coming this Sunday; on Friday Fujisawa – about to launch the Olympic sailing, and I think I saw an Olympian walking around as he didn’t look like a normal human being, coincided with a new shopping complex opening – cafes! fruit parlors! so many people crammed together without masks….then putting them on to go outside…

      With the INSANITY in the UK as well, I do feel that I am in The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, that everything is topsy turvy, that I am one of the few remaining sane people. This person collapsed on the ground captured my feelings spot on.

  4. Love the grouted tile patterns inferring linear rigidity contrasted with the curving planes of the young man’s clothing & face. Light & shadow, frailty & strength?

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