E1977 INCLUSIVE DISCO by 1000 COLOURS (2021)

N: One of the things I like about you is that when you go out of a day or an evening, you are not afraid to just browse the collection and try something new that takes your fancy. You are quite adventurous. I plan these things in advance as a whole, because if I get it wrong, the whole night might be ruined.

D: Thank you – though sometimes that adventurousness comes just from not being able to find what I had in mind – and being in a rush!!

N: You were out in Kawasaki the other day with Yukiro and when he complimented you on the scent you were wearing and you told him it was called ‘Inclusive Disco’, he burst out laughing. Why do you think this is? Is the name one step of PC-packaged nonsense too far?

D: I like that a perfume is called ‘Inclusive Disco’. There is something a little comical in it because it is so earnestly well-meaning – this is apparently what the brand is all about – diversity, peace, positivity etc.. It is also rather over-ambitious! I mean, how would you render the scent of an ‘inclusive disco’ in reality? It certainly wouldn’t smell like this. It would be way more chaotic and motley when you think of inclusive discos we’ve been to in Berlin or LA back in the day… That said, I like the title and I liked Yukiro’s response. I think he was surprised by the name and then his mind was grappling with how it might be ‘inclusive’ and he said, “Is it because you are including everyone in this restaurant?” which is a kind of private joke between us: I overdid Sancti (by Les Liquides Imaginaires) at Ken’s opera performance recently and the person next to me had to move!!! Oops!

N: Do we like this scent? It is described as being a leather incense and oriental floral; to me it is more about synthetic fruitiness, but I kind of enjoy the overall vibe in a way. If you were praised for how good it smells there must be something alright going on.

D: On first sniff, I was underwhelmed, but after wearing it the other day I am duly converted. It has good staying power and a cheery modern vibe, not unlike COMME des GARÇONS Concrete. I like these musk-melded modern incenses on myself. But whereas Concrete plays out in sandalwood, this tapers off in peace-loving musk.

N: The message I get from the visual presentation of this perfume is that this is an inclusive disco for those of any race and gender, as long as you are tall, lanky, skinny, under 25, and could be a model in a campaign for Gucci or Burberry. Otherwise, get the fuck outta-hayrrr. This is surely a very exclusive disco, like Studio 54, with a faschion-fascist door policy.

D: Well yes I agree. Like I said, an inclusive disco worthy of the name would neither smell like this scent or look like that. But that doesn’t stop me liking the scent – it suits me and is definitely chirpy. I would wear it to an inclusive disco gladly – but it would only be one tincture in the mix!

N: A real inclusive disco would be like that place we went to in Kreuzberg, which really wowed us because it was like nothing we had ever seen before. Literally all kinds of people; older straight couples, young technoheads, bearded men covered in piercings and nose rings and tattoos snogging each other on sofas and it all feeling very natural – it was one of the reasons we were so drawn to that city as it felt different to anywhere else we had ever been before. Gay places can be extremely excluding – in Tokyo there are strictly under this age or that age policies – men or women aren’t allowed in etc: Berlin felt more open.

D: I know. It’s so affirming to have those spaces. Ah Berlin! How I miss it.

N: I like the Ukraine cushion you made yesterday. I can’t remember where you got the material from.

D: From a little shop in Kamakura that does all these brightly-coloured felty things at quite reasonable prices. I think they are made in Thailand.

N: My favourite is the divine Japanese green Ziggy Stardust one you did recently from an old kimono obi I picked up from a junk shop for your birthday last year. I love it.

D: Thanks. I love gold with green. Opulent but also eccentric somehow.

N: We are going out to meet Joan down the hill and go round some temples and discuss the world, life, death and what comes after. I think I am sticking with the vestiges of vetiver oil + vintage Nina Ricci Farouche parfum de toilette I have been wearing as it is keeping me on a distancingly even keel. How about you?

D: Kind of in a Jicky mood today.

N: Right. We’d better start our ablutions and get ready to go out.

D: Just about to hop in the shower!


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18 responses to “E1977 INCLUSIVE DISCO by 1000 COLOURS (2021)

  1. Thanks for the entertaining post! It was an interesting concept and I enjoyed the banter between you and D.

  2. I enjoyed that very much! And I LOVE that cushion so so much.

  3. Robin

    I needed a little slice of domestic bliss, N and D style, and you guys delivered. Very soothing to these jangled old nerves.

    Love the cushion, and let’s talk about that CHAIR!

  4. OnWingsofSaffron

    Love those pics! How wonderfully inclusive: The Butt Book over a Madonna and Jesus postcard! And one of the prostrating saints is looking, no staring up to the Butt Book, eyes wide open in rapture! Hilarious, a little Berlin Moment 😏

  5. Wow. There are really places with overt under-a-particular-age policies? Many clubs work out that way, but I’m surprised to hear that some have actual rules.

  6. I miss Berlin too.
    Inclusive Disco sounds ridiculously hipster. Not sure I am kewl enough to wear it?

  7. This was such a brilliant post. I so thoroughly enjoyed this, and look forward to more in the future.

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