The camellias and magnolias are all out.

Traditionally in Japan, camellias and magnolia are said to stand for perseverance : the red camellia the flower of the warrior – it represents a noble death.

As I stood underneath this magnificent tree in a local park, with its lulling medicinality , I thought about the situation in Ukraine and how harrowing it must be there.

I was surprised, also, to see an anti-war sign put up outside someone’s house – a very rare sight here, though it is true that I have seen protestors at stations carrying placards and people wearing face masks in yellow and blue in support : the revulsion and rejection of so much of the world very deeply palpable. Despite the ongoing atrocities, it gives me a vague sense of optimism.

May this conflict be resolved as soon as humanly possible.


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8 responses to “MAGNOLIA, CAMELLIA

  1. I love camellias and magnolias. Their waxy petals, elegant leaves, and pristine appearance always fascinate me.
    Did you feel the earthquake?
    Short of a miracle I believe we are in for a long haul in Ukraine, the Russians are building an above ground pipeline from Belarus to Kiev for fuel. Unfortunately, it looks like they are planning a long, protracted siege of Kiev.

  2. OnWingsofSaffron

    What beautiful flowers! The red camellia is celebrating its moment in time with Chanel No 1, isn’t it? I know it is not a perfume but rather a body spray, yet strangely it smells like a lighter version of Doir‘s Trafalgar Rouge, i.e. some red berry, hibiscus tea concoction.
    What a pity as the photo of the red camellia used in their ads is so utterly beautiful, one would have wished for something more noble, more inspired than a childrens‘ „Glühwein“ at the Christmas Market in Bavaria.

  3. Camellia and magnolia are just glorious in their beauty, and aroma.
    I am so pleased that people are showing support for Ukraine there in Japan. What is happening are truly crimes against humanity.

    • I have withdrawn from the news a bit the last few days but this morning went right back in again because I needed to know just what was happening. Part of me doesn’t want to believe that the whole thing is as massive in scale as it is (as in, does Putin really want to proceed with an ‘expansionist’ war and take over a lot of the old Soviet bloc countries?), that it will go on for ages. Part of me is still unable to believe that in 2022 this bullshit is happening. NO ONE NEEDED THIS

      • I also don’t want to face it, but I keep abreast of it, because I feel I owe all those poor souls in Ukraine, alive and dead, my full attention to the atrocities being carried out by a war criminal.
        You are correct, “NO ONE NEEDED THIS”. May he rot for a trillion years and a trillion more.

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