My most recent new ( old ) purchase is a vintage Champagne edt – a scent I was brain craving after just one sniff.

As my friend and occasional Narcissus co-writer Olivia says ( nailing the actual skin effect of this fulsome but somehow also heartbroken perfume ) ‘: it does kind of remind me of that concentrated over-ripened sweetness of something like Sauternes with all its noble rot/ Botyris*elements. Somewhere between dense ancient honey and moss. Oaked and syrupy and just on the cusp…’

I removed the posts about last Saturday‘s Tokyo event, feeling a little overexposed and susceptible to unwanted, prying eyes ( sometimes it is hard living a triple life), but Champagne would have been just perfect, backstage ….


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9 responses to “CHAMPAGNE by YVES SAINT LAURENT (1993)

  1. Lorna Carrier Smith

    Just to let you know ~ I feel such a personal connection to you BECAUSE you reveal your life. Don’t, please don’t, publish anything that makes you uncomfortable, AND still remember ~ you are loved. Aloha, Lorna

    • This is great to read; appreciated.

      Sometimes the endorphin excitements make me overshare ; other instincts then take over …

    • This meant a great deal reading this : it was as though you intuited my vulnerability – lonely, around 3pm -always a dip for me mood wise – and so responded immediately.

      You are right : a person should be able to express themselves freely – and I do.

      Sometimes a simple need for pragmatism nips that in the bud.

  2. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    Darling Narcissus
    Don’t forget the source of your name. Exposure and exhibition meet in the mirror. I love it!!! Too much or too little, like beauty, is also in the eye or the stomach of the beholder.
    All belongs to the ever turning wheel of life. The pinch of fantasy and humor, the salt of the earth, both essential ingredients to life: You have both in abundance.

    You have inspired me a LOT. I have been writing now for over 2 years for a digital magazine called the Flamingo of a LH BT etc community in Amsterdam. I combine text, images (I admire your never exhausting treasure trove of them) and music or video’s. Multi-media at my age!!!

    Please, don’t hold back. Even though I understand apres-reflection. (Can’t find my accent grave on the e in apres).
    Like Dance and Music the Word also has a fleeting quality, that we tend to forget since the invention of of printing.

    So flow along. Curious and fascinated I always will remain

    • Dear Nelleke

      I missed you when you weren’t on here and am really glad you back.

      Also this comment really touched me : thankyou.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly about not overcensoring oneself – the world is censorious enough as it is right now – terrifying, and I have more to write about that – but I also have to be practical and realistic about my job – teaching teenagers and children.

      To hear I have inspired someone in any way is divine – and we will definitely check out the flamingo.

      I also want to say that it is important for me to able to express things as I want, despite the above.

      For anyone reading this, I have this to say :

      Although I understand that all the ‘gender jargon’ can be irritating and ‘triggering’ for a lot of people – and me too, sometimes – by definition, as a minority, the world is massively heteronormative for us and it can really take its toll : months on end in education and then a family environment, sometimes you just need to fucking LET LOOSE

      • Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

        Dear monsieur Ginza
        Yes indeed I’m glad to be back.
        I fell in at the right moment.
        And thanks for just being there.
        That means a lot to me too.
        Just to know that on the other side of this planet there is a real Mensch met alle toeters en bellen. (With all the frills and furbelows) that make life worth living.
        Keep on being you. I ldig Burning Bush.

        Yes I agree about the heterosexual determined normative society! So let it rip. I don’t think it will really harm anybody. And you rip so beautifully … a real pleasure!

  3. Nancysg

    I recently received a bottle of Champagne. I find the scent a time travel machine. And I am entranced by the bottle! The use of wire wrap reminds me of the original Mona Di Orio bottles with the wired caps. Which totally flummoxed me the first time I saw them.
    I enjoyed the video of the piano playing and singing, but understand the desire for privacy. Don’t we all struggle with how much to share with friends, let alone the world.

    • Indeed. I am by nature probably an oversharer – as will probably be quite obvious – but also have my own limits to my own drunken emotional exhibitionism.

      As for Champagne – wearing it tonight at the laundromat – where the elegant, but somewhat soiled lychee, is rather fascinating.

  4. I totally understand wanting to keep parts of your life private, but it was a lovely post nonetheless. I feel Champagne would have been a perfect scent for the event, with its syrupy, nectar filled juice.

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