My second most recent (new) purchase is City Orange, by Japanese cosmetics brand Ignis – a dense, but paradoxically light, woody aromatic citrus chypre – reasonably priced; I just walked past the shop one lunchtime, sprayed some on, saw the price – ¥3000 – and bought it.)

I am debuting this today as a workscent.

With definite reminiscences of O De Lancôme in the top (a beautiful mandarin, orange, bergamot and grapefruit), over a warm, almost leathery and slightly suggestively mossy base – with refined notes of vetiver and patchouli – there is a neoclassical, but also quite simple, suaveness to this blend that nicely matches a suit and the office ; I will top up the citrus notes, which fade quite quickly, with my grapefruit/ yuzu this week made hand balm.

Recently I have noticed more of my Japanese colleagues, both male and female, wearing deeper, dryer, woodier fragrances with airily dotted spice ( one member of the administrative staff swears blind he is not wearing perfume whenever I ask him ; in that case he must be sleeping in an incense temple ); sometimes I forget how nice finely layered, flinted aromatics can be, how they can tug at the senses with a certain, dried bark subtlety..


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2 responses to “CITY ORANGE by IGNIS (2021)

  1. Do you mean recently as in the autumn or in recent years that people are wearing deeper, drier, and woodier fragrances?

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      Definitely a general tendency – though I am not sure if all this is perfume, laundry liquids, soaps, body cremes etc – but while most people here are still ‘unscented’ or smell of overly strong fabric softeners, there are quite a lot of people who just smell lovely – up close or in a space : quite sandalwood /rosewood/ onsen – hot spring – hinoki soap : warm and inviting and really lovely

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