F I L T H !!! ! – GOLD SPOT by SARAH BAKER (2022)

Sarah Baker is one of the few head honchos of niche outfits these days who actually has some fun. From collaborating with Donatella Versace for her excellent art/ Dallas Dynasty spoof-book Baroness, to genuinely outrageous perfumes such as Jungle Jezebel – which smells just like bubblegum, bananas, tuberose and several unmentionables, Ms Baker knows not to take herself too seriously (though the perfumes in the range, such as the divine Leopard, are certainly no joke).

Still, it is refreshing not to have to listen to the entire hullabulloo of overdone cow dung spiel that accompanies so many fragrance releases these days – even if the natural oud extracts used in the last two releases, Loudo, and the new, filthily shimmering Gold Spot actually do, at least initially, have the undeniable and unmistakeable reek of steaming fresh cow pats.

If Loudo – a sweet, white chocolate ‘n cherry natural oud with tooth melting vanilla sweetness (if you ever liked Chopard’s Casmir from back in the day you are likely to like this) provoked us naughtily with the idea of a little girl or boy playing secret games in the attic that were, it turned out later, the ‘seeds of your adult prowess’, Gold Spot – a beautifully balanced dark chocolate natural Laotian oud sprinkled with gold citruses that genuinely sparkles – is that same girl now glittering in lamé.

Gold Spot looks to the gilded heyday of Hollywood as its primary inspiration’, Ms Baker tells us. ‘The gold spot is what technicians of cinematic lighting call that perfect spotlight that makes every Hollywood star literally glow. True stars flourished in its liquid sensuality….. ….indulging themselves in bed all day with broadsheets and butterscotch bonbons.’

I love the idea of these dames and starlets just lounging around all day in satin sheets eating butterscotch, oozing wit. And the perfume is very sensual; its creator Chris Maurice, who made this as part of an ‘Oud Trilogy’, certainly knows how to hit the primal G Spot: – this is hilariously very innocent and lewd simultaneously. With its simple, up for it frivolity and golden glow, Gold Spot could be a great one for a New Year countdown party at a club, though I would still say that just to be on the safe side it might be better to spray this a good while before leaving the dressing room and in not too corpulent dosage; on first spray, the animal is real : so definitely not one for the office Christmas party – unless you are trying to get shagged senseless on the photocopier – or the first meeting with your dainty future in-laws.


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8 responses to “F I L T H !!! ! – GOLD SPOT by SARAH BAKER (2022)

  1. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    God, this is a sorely needed bubble of fun.
    Just when I had a cold combined with EOTYS- End of the Year Syndrome.
    If I had a digital Christmas tree, this piece of exquisite noseprose would have served as the naughty pinnacle. And I would certainly have sprayed the tree with one of the sticky sweet sickly nosebuffeting perfumes mentioned …
    and then having a laugh a minute while appreciating it all over again!
    Happy XXXmas you, Duncan and the cat!

    • Thanks N – I very well understand the Syndrome – but this simple but playful vanilla with a big honk of pure barnyard at the beginning ( but twinkled with nice light citrus ) merited a laugh.

      The beginning really would shock most of polite society.

      Thanks for this year x

  2. Nelleke Oepkes aka Booknose

    PS I adore especially the feathered bovine diva

  3. There she is, my platinum haired doppleganger!
    I might be favoring a caftened Divine more in middle age tho. 🙂
    I’ll pass on the barnyard oud fun, -bananas, bubblegum, tuberose & unmentionables sound more my style.

  4. Sounds like a gold glitter body shimmer of this is warranted.

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