our narcissus


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6 responses to “our narcissus

  1. Nancysg

    The flowers look so good with the chairs. Color coordinated! I lived through the extreme cold in the US this weekend, but it came and went very quickly. Good news for our heating oil bill.

  2. Robin

    How I wish. They won’t be here for weeks and weeks. One of my favourite floral notes. You’re a lucky man. Hope you’re finding a bit of relief from your pain through all those helpful tips. And sniffing narcissi never hurts.

  3. Spring dreaming awake
    Shaking off winter’s slumber
    Flowers yawn at dawn.

  4. OnWingsofSaffron

    Just placed a bid on 1/2 bottle of Penhaligon‘s Ostara on Ebay. So fitting: a narcissus scent !

  5. Oh, how glorious that looks! Must smell heavenly.

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