Here comes the sun, little darlin….. SOLEIL LIQUIDE by MEMOIRE LIQUIDE (2009)

Today was the first day of proper, unbridled sunshine we have had this year : blue skies, cold breeze, but in the sunshine directly it was hot enough to not need a jacket; proper soul-warming sun up to the the mid-sixties, the kind of day in London where people strip off their shirts in the parks and soak up some rays on the grass with beers and the first picnics, as multilayered foreign tourists from much hotter countries look bemusedly on, and we pretend to ourselves that this is going to be what the weather will be like for the foreseeable future.

A day, then, for mood-enhancing, summery scents (even though it is only the beginning of March and I am totally jumping the gun…) I have been lucky, though, to receive a lot of perfume samples in the post in recent weeks, and livened by the light, and having just finished my post on piquant greens from this morning, I felt like trying something new and refreshing.

Scrabbling through the vials (all over the house, anywhere, everywhere, total lack of organization I am afraid) I came across one that had ‘Soleil Liquide’ written on it (no name of the perfume house on the vial, inviting me in, cryptically, as a ‘drink me’ bottle might do Alice) as I was ironing my shirt,  with my coffee; music on; the window wide open and the sounds of my  neighbourhood flooding in; my cat, Mori, fighting with the ginger tom across the street (there is some territorial battle going on);  kids on their way to school, birds beginning to ‘twitter’ (I have had the windows shut for so long!)…a quick sniff before applying: ah yes, that will do, one of those nice, unthreatening,  contemporary florals I like in measured doses;  those jasmines and tuberoses like  Beyond Love, Marc Jacobs,  and the new Oscar De La Renta Mi Corazon; sheer, but not too sheer; fresh, clear, but with enough exotic suggestion for me to acquiesce (just on one wrist and one cuff, my guilty, bucking-the-rules pleasure for school, as ‘gender-bending’, nectarous, fleurs emanate from my tutorious person….)

In any case, Liquide Soleil has been my school scent of the day, and I have to say that have enjoyed it. A modern, citrus white floral that is easy on the nose and spirits for its cheering, American summer goodness,  its barely  whispered memories of France (Tendre Poison, even the eighties incarnation of Vent Vert, or am I just imagining it?), its simple, immediate, pamplemousse-gorged uplift.

Neroli, tangerine and lightly candied grapefruit; a pleasingly blended triumvirate of yellows that coalesces very nicely together over the standard, familiarized accords of subtle sandalwood and white musks, yet mixed together knowingly and judiciously to cleverly bring the ‘liquid sunshine’ to the whole.  Conventional if you really have to nit-pick, but something that really does to me smell good, and those were today’s quite simple criteria. Make me smell nice. Make me smell clean and laundered but also nice; handsome; comely.

You may have smelled this type of fragrance many times before, these citrus-boosted nerolis like Fleurs D’Oranger and Cologne Grand Neroli that abound quite frequently in the perfume world;  but a perfectly blended, dependable bottle of summertime happiness is nothing to be sniffed at ( I find most perfumes these days go wrong at some point: there is always some vile woody addition that ruins it; some sweet, banal chemical that turns me off, but I didn’t really get any of that with Liquide Soleil, apart, perhaps, from a sense that by the end of the day, when the sun had actually gone, it was slightly beginning to outstay its welcome (probably because it was clinging, still zinging with orangey, persistent neroli to my chalk-flecked shirt…)

No. The carefree, citrus florality of this perfume is really  appealing, and it is something I would happily wear quite regularly, particularly on warm sunny days like today. If it is nice tomorrow as well, I think it might be getting another outing…











Today, 5.36 pm, Hiratsuka station, as I made my way to my evening classes…….









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9 responses to “Here comes the sun, little darlin….. SOLEIL LIQUIDE by MEMOIRE LIQUIDE (2009)

  1. brie

    We must be on the same wave length for this morning I enjoyed listening to my George Harrison CD (here comes the sun and I say it’s alright…..) on the drive to work and wafting of Brittany’s Soliel Liquide (my one solace in anticipation of the snow/ice storm tonight). The perfume line is Memoire Liquide and the perfume bottles are housed in pseudo-books with titles-gorgeous packaging! The body cream is lovely as well!
    Your photos are beautiful….make me wish I was there!

    • ginzaintherain

      Thanks for the sample: you seem to have a knack for finding things I like the smell of!

      • brie

        Believe it or not Brittany won a full bottle along with a body creme on a draw! As you know already my children have inherited my “curse”…..I mean my “obsession” for all things fragrance!

  2. George

    My dad used to sing “Here comes the sun” to me as a lullaby when I was a little kid. One of my earliest (half-)memories.

    A not quite so early memory with a George H & Neil theme – it’s hard to get Our Laddy of the Perfumes to play “Something” at the end of his 21st (?) birthday party, as he doesn’t like it. He still played it, if not technically perfectly (residually too drunk) but with great feeling. Thanks Neil!

    And another request now Neil – any suggestions of a perfume for me to try? Having remained resolutely scent-less till now, your fine blog has convinced me to give it a go. Let’s keep it simple – something I might be able to try out and pick up at the airport on the way to see Liss?

    • ginzaintherain

      A poignant message, George…

      As for you and perfume ( I have actually answered this message already but it didn’t compute for some reason…) it is such a weird idea for me that you have me stumped. Also, Duty Free on the whole only has vile, crass, ugly perfumes that could put you off scent for life. You have much more chance of finding something interesting in the markets of Addis I reckon.

      However, if at Heathrow they have an Acqua Di Parma concession, you might try those (civilized citrus), or I can also imagine you in Guerlain’s Vetiver for some reason (smokey, elegant: you can definitely find that in Duty Free).

      Give me some more hints about what scents in nature you like (flowers, spices, woods etc) and I will point you further!

  3. I think there there is also a Hermès outpost at Heathrow that should carry the fragrances as well. That would be my suggestion!

    I also have an untested little vial of Soleil liquide from a certain perfume fairy 🙂 Your review has encouraged me to try it tonight. Seems like the perfect thing right now.

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