Seasons Greetings from Japan









Merry Christmas Eve






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9 responses to “Seasons Greetings from Japan

  1. Robin

    You are in exactly the right place. Japan is IT for you and Duncan. Just check out that environment. And you look amazing.

    Merry Christmas from Robin and Ric in “The Creek.”

  2. Robin

    When I see you in a bar in Japan, like this photo, you seem so marvelously incognito. If you know what I mean. Indecipherable, in that place, in the most liberating way.

    • THIS IS IT.

      It IS liberating : I am light as air like this. Also, when I perform in this guise, people REALLY respond and say Burning Bush is like their spirit animal … ( it is all a phenomenon I don’t entirely understand).

      In this particular picture, it is Michael’s visual skills that makes it objectively possible to share what I feel – and he senses ( crap photography / light wouldn’t capture it). I can’t wait to see what he does with the Martin footage.

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