This is PERFECT for today – lemony and crisp for the first proper sunshine of March.








March 11, 2020 · 12:02 pm


  1. I haven’t smelled it before but it sounds refreshing in an elegant way. Did you find an answer for whether a memory can be “transferred”? I don’t think I could do that, because the memory would not fully belong to one (the old) or the other (the new), but maybe I haven’t really tested it.

    • A good question, but today, despite everything I have written here, it feels very right – all the imperfections notwithstanding – on my skin. That’s why I think I love keeping these treasured old perfumes for once-every-two year type outings. Today I would wear nothing else…

      • Some days you just know what you need!
        I’ve certainly rediscovered forgotten feelings or effects with perfumes – when I was a teenager, I got a bottle of Gucci Nobile as a gift randomly, and spraying it liberally instilled a sense of “anything is possible,” limitless confidence. Many years later, my first try of Givenchy Pi recalled the memory of that effect, but soon it turned very gourmand and I could barely smell it at all wearing it every day. More recently, I searched hard and finally found a miniature of Gucci Nobile that wasn’t crazily priced. Sniffing it from the mini bottle or tiny dab doesn’t quite seem to produce the effect, and I haven’t met the day to take the plunge and wear it properly yet. I don’t want to “dilute” the memory by tethering the smell to new but mediocre associations!

      • Givenchy Pi! I have so many memories attached to that perfume but for some reason have never written about it. I should.

        As for Nobile :

        This was a new wear for me: I cannot IMAGINE the effect on a teenager. Probably my equivalent of wearing Kouros.

      • Haha, had to laugh at the Teen Beat magazine photo! As a girl who liked to wear “colognes” for their bursting freshness (although I don’t remember whether I even realized Nobile was “for men” at the time), the image doesn’t quite apply to me, but I can imagine the fragrance does wonders for someone going after a macho effect.

        Pi Day is just around the corner…!

      • Nobile on a girl must have been AMAZING – you smelled truly original. Pi is the only perfume I have ever worn where I was reprimanded at work, and literally had kids screaming at me to open the classroom window in horror.

      • Wow. I never would have imagined Pi could be so polarizing, in any context.

      • In Japan, those orangey benzoin vanilla notes in the burnt base…..oh yes. No one was wearing it back then but it did become popular and is still available in the lighter flankers. I smelled it again the other day and did really quite like it. Is it one of your top numbers? I have never smelled it on a woman.

      • It’s not a top number, especially as I would stop being able to smell it after a short time. Now, just over a year into my perfumista journey, I never wear the same perfume 2 days in a row so as to avoid becoming anosmic to anything, and I’m more attracted to fig/cedarwood perfumes (eg, Ninfeo Mio by Annick Goutal) and rose chypre types like Le Labo’s Ylang 49 and maybe Diptyque’s Eau Capitale.
        I’ll have to smell Pi again if it’s still around and see if I can pick out some specific notes. Maybe if it smelled more like pure chocolate, the kids would be more into it?! I had a very positive reaction from kids to The Body Shop’s Amorito when I visited Japan about 15 years ago.

      • Interesting. A gentle chocolate on the right person’s skin could be gorgeous. The sweetness of the Pi with all that orangeyness and the sheer amount of it sickened them!

        Rose Ylang 49 is quite an interesting perfume – really intense, and with a certain anger to it I think.

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