Mask of the day : locally sewn mask in blue floral pattern.

Scent of the day : long bergamot bath + Lemon Sorbet Fantasy by Body Fantasies + home made white grapefruit handbalm.

And off I go !


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14 responses to “MASK OF THE DAY

  1. Liz |

    Looking good with the nice mask and smelling great!
    Maybe you should sell balms?

  2. Tara C

    Is it hot and steamy there? It certainly is here in Montréal, thankfully we don’t have to wear masks outdoors, I would faint. That is lovely fabric.

  3. Nice mask and good photo!

  4. bibimaizoon

    Your photo perfectly portrays the worldwide angst of the pandemic.
    I’m glad I’ve found a kindred soul that enjoys the unpretentious Body Fantasies line, herbal baths, and making their own scented skincare!

    • High School Girls go crazy for my Lemon Sorbet Body Fantasy. Mr Chapman! What is your perfume?!! And I like to release a citrus burst into the air with my hand balms.

      They have loads of Body Fantasies here. Which one should I go for next? The Lemon is actually quite macho in a way – a kind of woody verbena. The plumeria smelled good when I tried it – but it would need hot sunshine for me to pull off that mutha

      • bibimaizoon

        I am wearing BF Sparkling Pink Grapefruit which is actually pomegranate & grapefruit that’s quite summery & fresh. I’ve layered it over L’Occitane’s Neroli & Orchidee body lotion. There is a shop that stocks a variety of Parfums de Coeur products in Kathmandu. I bought grenade shaped bottle of men’s “mega” cologne called Really Ripped Abs on Steroids for my nephew’s birthday next week from them – how could he not like that?

      • I might need this cologne.

        Really Ripped Abs are something I will NEVER EVER HAVE

        Can’t wait to smell my divine midriff

    • Also, it’s interesting. Bizarrely, we actually lost the bath plug, having flushed it down the plug hole, and for several weeks I was just taking showers. It is MIRACULOUS how different I feel when taking a bath in bergamot or eucalyptus in terms of my state of mind for the evening’s teaching. It is really holistic – I look and feel much better as a result. I was BORN to bathe. D can only stay in for five minutes – definitely a shower boy. I usually stay at least an hour, and the bergamot delicately lingers.

  5. Robin

    Your forehead says it all.

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