INTO THE WHITE:::::::::::: NEROLI 36 by LE LABO (2006)


One of my most self-indulgent fantasies, when the neuroses get too much and life overwhelms, is willing incarceration in a white, Thomas Mann sanatorium.  Nurses. Steamed sheets. The mountains beyond. Nothing to do but walk in the Alpine resuscitating air.

On first experiencing Le Labo’s unusual take on neroli, I was transported to such a place. The megadose of calone that impregnates the blend of neroli, mandarin, tonka and musk turns this nominally floral creation into a soap chamber of hygiene: of  fresh, dreamy air; clinicians, and white, billowing clouds beyond the skylight.


After acquiring a bottle of the substance, however, and on repeated wearing –  on a shirt cuff here; on a collar there –  another, more sinister chamber came to mind: the incarceration of former Nazi actress Veronika Voss in the eponymous film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Trapped; drugged up to the hilt in rooms of blinding white. And no escape.

In concentration (can fresh air be this insistent, this….deathly?) Neroli 36 has this effect: I am suffocating.



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11 responses to “INTO THE WHITE:::::::::::: NEROLI 36 by LE LABO (2006)

  1. You have just conjured that last scene of Veronika Voss for me in all its hideous whiteness! I love this review though am feeling the claustraphobia! Must now smell this perfume. x

    • ginzaintherain

      I loved it, thought the WHITENESS was amazing, initially. Duncan had unusually severe reactions against it, and we both ended up concluding it was sheer horror!

  2. ginzaintherain

    actually i could skip all my wordy image-conjuring business and encapsulate Neroli 36 in two words: AIR FRESHENER!

  3. ginzaintherain

    People do love it though, and I understand why, because I did too. If you get JUST the right amount, and are wearing perfectly starched clean clothes, on a sunny day you really could give off the feeling of a beach-side promenade, or of sheets blowing in a flower meadow. There is a lot of BREATH there, but somehow ultimately it is too scientific.

  4. Great sense of humor !! Now.. how to find……

  5. ginzaintherain

    Reblogged this on The Black Narcissus.

  6. brie

    Glad to see you back!

    • ginzaintherain

      Thankyou, though I am not really; just reblogging old stuff from my iPhone. I will be up and running again in a few days if we get the blasted computer sorted out.

      Meanwhile, ANOTHER of your wonderful packages has arrived. I will thankyou properly by email later, but thankyou so much.

      N x

  7. Stephen

    Good to see you are back and in fine fettle! I get that ‘bright’ thing off l’Eau Serge as well, maybe a similar structure going on. Very boring for the wearer, but wonderful for the folk you come in contact with-provided it’s brief! Your images sum this up perfectly!

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